Jazz by Christian Mihai

Jazz by Christian Mihai At its most basic this book tells the story of a man moving from New York to Paris to see a girl. However, as with jazz music, it takes the basic refrain and gives it back in a new order focussing more on the feeling behind events than their actual facts.

Although it is only 52 pages even fleeting locations are fully developed and have a distinct character. I was especially drawn in by the feelings of insularity and claustrophobia evoked by the descriptions of Paris.

With a plot based on a man’s attraction to another man’s girlfriend and many scenes set in the brittle world of parties and clubs, this story has invites comparison with the Great Gatsby. However, where I found Fitzgerald’s characters unengaging and the romance unsatisfying, Mihai has created a protagonist I wished to succeed.

Apart from the protagonist I found most of the characters objectionable. Mihai has possibly been too successful at creating a world of glitter coated rot; had the characters seemed less like base humanity I would probably reread this sooner.

Therefore I feel this is not a story for those who prefer to like most of the characters or to have happy endings. It is however a story for those who enjoy seeing each word build on the last without wasted effort or over ornamentation.


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