The E-Branch Trilogy by Brian Lumley – An Undead Review

The third in my series of republished reviews is the E-Branch Trilogy by Brian Lumley comprising Necroscope: Invaders, Necroscope: Avengers, and Necroscope: Defilers.

Necroscope: InvadersNecroscope: Avengers Necroscope: Defilers Again, Lumley returns to the universe of the Necroscope and the Whampiri. If you loved the great many sequels that came after Necroscope I then you will probably love these three. However, despite liking the story immensely I noticed two problems: firstly, not having read every previous Lumley book in this universe, some characters and references were a mystery, spoiling the story in places; secondly, it suffers from defeating-evil-at-the-end-syndrome (a nasty practice of having nigh indestructible great evils from before time defeated by unfeasible means).

I still like the works of Brian Lumley. However, time and familiarity have not changed my mind about the bathetic resolutions of his longer series.


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