I have written both poetry and fiction occasionally since I was at school; however, I did not start writing frequently until some time after leaving university. Some of my works were written for specific situations (such as competitions) while others were first published in various magazines and internet fora depending on time and genre. This has left some works inaccessible, or only accessible with a password.

So I have created the Miscellany to hold those past works that I am both not horrified to share and can publish along with some of my new work. I will be considering whether any of my exiting works would benefit from editing before posting them, so some may appear in a new version.

The first two works to go in are Fair Shares, the tale of a Scout recovering consciousness with a severe wound and patchy memory and Strength in Adversity – a retelling of the binding of the Fenris Wolf in alliterative verse.

I originally wrote Fair Shares as an entry in a 1000-word story competition. However editing it down to fit the word limit removed much of the protagonist’s struggle to reassemble the truth. I feel this revised longer version better captures how subjective the reader’s experience of the facts is, recapturing the uncertainty over whether he actually piece together the right answer for which I aimed.

I have loved Norse myths and sagas for many years. After several false starts at building the metre, I produced Strength in Adversity. Of all writing poetry can take meaning most from the reader, however for me this is a metaphor for society as well as a story about controlling a wolf.


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