Greenstar Diary Entry: Elijah In An Expansive Mood

Today’s Greenstar Season 2 crew diary features Elijah and a plan to reconfigure part of the ship; but surprisingly little techno-babble.

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Greenstar Diary Entry: Josie Muddles Along

Continuing the week of Greenstar Season 2 diary entries, Josie shares her thoughts on alien life and Pol’s hobbies.

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Greenstar Diary Entry: Oddly Does It

In the second diary entry of Greenstar Season 2 release week we join Ensign Oddly Ingensen of the Special‘s science department.

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Greenstar Diary Entry: Vesta Hartman Hates Being Special

Greenstar Season 2 released today. To begin the celebrations, a diary entry from Captain Vesta Hartman, the Burger Supreme captain with the most reason to catch the Greenstar.

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Greenstar Season Two Paperback Cover Reveal

Only two days until Greenstar Season Two comes out in ebook. More details of retailers here.

To tide you over until Friday, here in glorious Greencolour is the paperback cover.

Greenstar Season Two Paperback Cover

The paperback proofs are soaring their way towards me as I write, so more details on the paperback release to come soon, along with the usual Greenstar release week content.

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Mutual Disagreement

Over the years, I have heard many people excuse their actions as being legal; which they were. However, those same actions still felt flawed. So, as some allege, is the legal system corrupt at its core, a creator of immoral behaviour rather than a social good? Or is there an explanation that accepts law as a guide to behaviour despite the flaws?

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Space For All

I am fond of fresh perspectives on space opera, and expect a significant proportion of you are too; therefore, you might be interested in Sherwood Smith’s suggestions for space opera from female writers:

I’m so glad to see a female-written space opera getting lots of glitz, and Anne Leckie’s books are well worth the praise.

But like so many other situations, that is one woman getting all the buzz that mostly flows toward male written works. What about all the other women writing interesting space opera? Yet again, they depend on word of mouth, as the publicity machine churns for the new male star…. Read on.

While I don’t subscribe to the theory gender creates theme and style, the effect of gender on experience clearly influences an author’s perspectives. So, I suggest trying these books not because they are written by women but because they have an interesting perspective.

What would be your picks for space operas that don’t get the publicity they deserve?


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Going Through The Change by Samantha Bryant

Going Through The Change by Samantha BryantCombining complex characters, some of whom happen to be women experiencing the menopause, with the engaging simplicity of a classic ZAPPOWW! to the face, Bryant creates a world that offers both escape from reality and an insight into very real issues. Both light-hearted and serious, this novel represents a growth in superhero fiction.


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Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day 2015, a video on how going green is economic sense:

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Greenstar Pre-flight

Greenstar Season 2 has a cover. The last of the tweaks are wrapped into the master document. And most of the metadata is ready.

Which means it is almost ready for pre-orders.

Greenstar Season Two attempt 1

On the run again.

I am about as excited as an English person can get without being forced to emigrate.

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