Rudely Ignoring People by Reading has Gone Mainstream.

Dave Higgins:

An interesting – if somewhat tongue-in-cheek – piece about reclaiming reading for the true introverts. But then, how could something by an author-lawyer not be both engaging and wry?

I have a slightly different issue than Amie: a deep-seated need to read all the words:

  • Words on your tee-shirt? I need to read them.

  • Poster behind you with train times on it? I need to skim it.

If there are no words in sight, I will be giving my full attention (or focusing on not). In fact, one of the first things I remember discussing with my (now) wife, was how she wasn’t put off by my habit of paying full attention to the person to whom I was listening.

So perhaps leaving the readers alone is good for you to: it might be the only thing protecting you from truly being observed.

Originally posted on amiecus curiae:

Liberty Con Amie Notes

Think about it.  Used to be if you were hanging out at a coffee shop or even around the house, if you had something in front of your nose like a book or a computer, people wouldn’t bug you.  They might think you were rude, but they’d get that you were busy.

Now, with the world at our fingertips on our phones, we’ve developed a new culture.  One of people who comfortably ignore each other, even at the dinner table or on dates, in favor of checking our phones.

Most of the time people are lamenting the loss of personal contact and politeness in our society where it is not only acceptable but the norm to pull out your phone while talking to someone and flip through it.  I’m arguing the other side, the side of those of us who want to ignore you!

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The Death of a Thousand Annotations

Last week’s To Be Read Podcast was on the effect of school set texts on later reading habits. Frequent visitors will be unsurprised to know having to read certain books didn’t put me off reading, but I did notice an impact on my reading habits.


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Seven Stones Vol 1 Pre-Orders and Discounts

The first collection of Seven Stones, my swords-and-sorcery serial, is now available for pre-order. And anyone who pre-orders or buys it on the first two days of release only pays half-price.

Cover of Seven Stones: Alone No MoreSo if you want immense peril, grim heroes, and plenty of cliffhangers, grab a copy here.

Simon Cantan said “I loved Seven Stones Vol. 1, with its dark world and unique monsters, I’d recommend it for anyone that likes vivid, believable worlds with strong characters and lots of danger.”

Simon has the good taste to have written several novels with me, so you know you can trust him.

The 50% discount will end next Sunday morning (30th August), so don’t miss out. Grab a copy here.

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What Neither Star Nor Sun Shall Waken by Ryan Notch

What Neither Star Nor Sun Shall Waken by Ryan NotchCombining the certainties of astronavigation with the subjectivity of human perception, Notch builds fear of the unknown without straying into the unknowable.

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Seven Stones Cover Reveal

Seven Stones: Alone No More, the first collection of my weekly swords-and-sorcery serial, is due for release at the end of the month.

Quail in terror, puny mortals, before its mighty cover!

Cover of Seven Stones: Alone No More

©Dave Higgins

The book collects the first nine parts of the serial. Plagued by nightmares of shifting stone and ancient evil, Absolution Kobb, Reverend Militant of the Order of the Maker, journeys to the northern edge of civilisation.

From the moment he arrives in the village of Morth, he is treated with disdain and ill-trust. A disdain that turns to violence and accusations of grievous assault.

But not all the villagers wish Kobb gone. Anessa Tanton, more at home in the woods than among decent people, refuses to let her neighbours lynch someone; even if they are a religious fanatic.

Together, they are more than a match for a few prejudiced youths, but how will they defeat an evil powerful enough to reshape the land itself?


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No Book Left Unread

There are many movements that seek to impose a certain type of book on people: people should make an effort to read books by ethnic minorities, people should commit to read only books by women for a year, people should only read books with diverse casts. I have the same doubts about reducing books down to a single broad trait of the author as I do about all positive discrimination, but I am more concerned with the hidden axiom beneath them all: certain books have no value.


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The Transhumanist Wager by Zoltan Istvan

The Transhumanist Wager by Zoltan IstvanCombining the perspective of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged with a catalogue of advanced technologies, Istvan creates a book that is more polemic than plot.

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10 Reasons you stop writing your book and why to ignore them

Dave Higgins:

All of these are true of writing as more than a hobby, but they also apply to making any hobby more than a pastime.

Even ‘You’ve written yourself into a hole’: our experience changes constantly which changes both what we can do and what we see as worthy, so it might be surprising how infrequently our plans to progress need revision.

Originally posted on Suffolk Scribblings:

Writers block copy

There isn’t a writer alive that hasn’t stopped writing, whether as a planned break or simply because they got out of the habit. It’s happened to me in the past and I’m sure it will happen again in the future. When it does, we often come up with excuses as to justify why we’ve stopped writing, but the majority of the time that’s all they are, excuses. The trick is recognising them for the lies they are and dealing with them. Here are the ten most common reasons people stop writing and why you should ignore them.

1 Your writing isn’t very good

You’ve just read back what you’ve been slaving over for the past few weeks/months and are horrified at how poor it is, so much so you’re questioning whether you’re a writer at all. I’ll let you into a little secret, every writer does this. OK, there may be a couple…

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A Window On My Upgrade Experience

I received my download of Windows 10 on Friday morning. So on Friday afternoon, I installed it on the laptop I use for scratty little tasks (and to tide me over if my desktop develops an issue that stops me working). Overall, it hasn’t been terrible.


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The Power of Six by Nicholas C. Rossis

The Power of Six by Nicholas C. RossisUnafraid to place questions of ethics and perception at the heart of the story, Rossis creates a collection that is more than weird aliens and heroic fights.

Several of the stories have a surprise ending: while I have attempted to avoid details, there might be accidental spoilers contained within.


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