Membership of Humanity is Not Restricted

Over the last few days, many of the blogs and persons I follow have made reference to this article which suggests “douchebag” as an appropriate pejorative label for white people. While I agree with much of it, there is one area I strongly contest: increasing prejudice as a social good.


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Removing the Scales from Your Mind

I re-watched Ruth Chang’s interesting talk about reframing difficult decisions yesterday morning. I agree with both her insight and suggested applications. However, it reminded me of another cause of difficult decisions: our assumption benefits are linear.

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Bring It Omnibus Edition by Seeley James

Bring It, Omnibus Edition by Seeley JamesOpening with a meeting between a protagonist and the US Government about accusations of terrorism and murder that is disrupted by organised crime, this book immediately places itself in the Hollywood-action-movie section of the thriller genre. Fortunately, Seeley does not disappoint, taking the reader from big-budget thrill to high-octane spill without losing the last shred of feasibility.

This novel was originally released in serial format as Trench Coats, Episodes I-VI.

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Irony is Seldom Absent

Today has turned out to be quite unproductive. Not so much because my day was filled with Persons from Porlock, as because of their future echoes. Many experts have written on cutting out procrastination and avoiding meeting slippage, but for me the issue is often my mind’s inability to handle antici

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I’m Sparticus!

Due to our cats changing both the duration and location of their nightly bed sharing, my sleep has been more disturbed for the last few days. Apart from potentially a millisecond longer of wanting to stay in bed, I had not noticed any issues from this. However, a chance piece of spam revealed a hidden problem: I am in a very real sense shattered.


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Footprints by Crissy Moss

Footprints by Crissy MossThis short story transposes the classic Gothic story of a son closing up his dead parent’s country residence to the snowy woods of the United States. Balancing the modern world’s greater freedom to acknowledge grief with the loss of support abandoning the rituals of the past has produced, Moss crafts a world where the traditional looming threat of the Other remains, but the potential identity of that Other owes nothing to the mores of past ages.

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Speaking in Hollow Voices

As my wife will testify, I love the shape and taste of words as well as the nuances of meaning. So I grok this excellent talk by Stephen Burt. Watching the talk this morning inspired me to make today’s post about my favourite poem: TS Eliot’s The Hollow Men

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Last Day for Greenstar Season 1 Discount

From midnight BST tonight the release week discount on Greenstar Season 1 will end, and the price will return to the list price of 5.99 on all retailers.

When exactly this will happen on any one distributor depends on how fast they update their prices; however, the only certainty is the price of the Expanded Edition on Gumroad will be the last to go back to list price.

So buy now to take advantage of the discount.

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Greenstar Approaches the Edge of the System

Today is the last day of the Greenstar release celebration. Here’s a recap of the deals and content we saw as the Greenstar rose majestically yet ecologically into the skies.

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Greenstar Diary Entry: Reyna Reaches for the Stars

Day six of Greenstar extra content week dawns with Reyna Gaspar’s escape from a farming planet to the excitement of space.

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