The Haunted Hikikomori by Lawrence Pearce

The Haunted Hikikomori by Lawrence PearceSkilfully interweaving the past and present, this novella shows a world where the reader is uncertain where reality ends and delusion begins.

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United We Explore

As the select group of people obsessively following my every progress update will already know, I am currently co-authoring Greenstar, a science-fiction series, with Simon Cantan. We are still in the initial stages, so it is a little early to talk about the detail of the project itself. However, what is already becoming clear is our quest to share our invented world with readers will take more than a common vision; it will require us to agree on what is and isn’t needed both informationally and grammatically.


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Irony Lurks Under Every Bush

Going through an old folder I found this interesting talk by Jonathan Drori on perniciousness of established belief:


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The Magpie Who Stole The Sun by Neil Murton

The Magpie Who Stole The Sun by Neil MurtonDisplaying both brutality and delicacy of touch, Murton demonstrates that, in life as well as art, “there’s no such thing as simple; there’s just complexity you choose to ignore.”


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A Science of Open-Mindedness

While I am a prophet of the new world, exposing the nightmare realities lurking behind the comfortable inanities of spam email, trained in law, and happily practised it for many years. I feel no disjunction between these two, but some others seem to: people who meet me through my writing are startled to discover I am a cog in the oppressive machine; that I do not come across as overly judgemental. Which may be the issue: lawyers are generally not quick to judge.

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Beyond the Plane of Good

Over the last few months the level of spam on my blog has risen noticeably. Obviously the feeling of success that comes from meeting more of whatever criteria the spammers think make the most viewed blogs is pleasant. However I feel there is a deeper message in where the comments appear.


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HIGH by Corey M.P.

HIGH by Corey M.P.Although it is not the core of the narrative, this romance contains a very realistic portrayal of a highly caffeinated lifestyle.

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Million Words Challenge – March

The third month of the Million Words Challenge is over. And my writing pace was higher again. So, it is going well. However, I am still below the average needed to hit one million words (mostly due to weekends), so I am facing a more difficult choice going into the second quarter: where to make up the words.

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A Strong Response to Crime

With Chris Grayling claiming yesterday that the ban on (among other things) sending books to UK prisoners is a reasonable and proportionate response to smuggling, the debate looks set to continue for some time. Viewed economically, his statement is not without weight; however, this debate is only a smaller part of a wider question: what is the purpose of criminal justice?


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A Far Off Place: A Collection of Poetry by James D. Maxon

A Far Off Place: A Collection of Poetry by James D. MaxonAlthough this collection of poetry is not – as Maxon freely admits – technically or stylistically complex, nor it is dry or arch.

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